Delicate Distinction

“Could you show me how to replace this hyphen with an m‑dash?”

“Well, actually we don't use m-dashes anymore, because most people can't tell the difference.”

Overheard during a computer course

If you work with me, you can be sure that I will care about these little details. Sometimes they make all the difference.

My clients are private persons, businesses and non-profit organisations. I design for print and digital media and can also advise you on your corporate design or brand identity.

I offer a lot of services, but there are also some things I can't do for you. When developing your website, for example, I will not hide your information behind senseless effects and advise your users to download additional software. I will not spoil your readers' vision by using dark-grey text on black background either.

What I can do is create appealing, but also simple and relevant design and thus help you achieve your objectives.